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Brand Ambassador at C-Me: Manchester

C-Me helps employers attract Gen Z and the TikTok generation. Customers can join C-Me's Virtual Hire Street for free to promote their job opportunities and our paid plans include video job posts that get huge Apply rates.

We're growing fast and we're looking for Brand Ambassadors in Manchester to grow our retail & hospitality footprint.

Are you looking for an exciting role with great earning potential? If so, check out the details below...

The role of a C-Me Brand Ambassador

As a Brand Ambassador for C-Me your job is to sign up customers to either a free or paid plan. This requires you to:

  • Meet with business owners / managers of local retailers and hospitality venues in Manchester
  • Explain the benefits of C-Me and run through the plans available
  • Sign up customers

For customers wanting a video job post, you'll also need to:

  • Film a few short video clips on your phone (for our video editing service)
  • Ask four questions about the job and the type of person they're looking for

Watch the video to hear from a C-Me Brand Ambassador 👆

What it takes to be a C-Me Brand Ambassador

C-Me Brand Ambassadors have an entrepreneurial spirit. They're friendly, they're organised and they're self-motivated. These qualities along with our training and support are all you need to succeed.

You get...

  • Training in what to say and how to answer any questions
  • Full training in C-Me systems & processes
  • Bi-weekly coaching and check-in sessions

The Rewards

This is a role that pays well for results. It's 100% commission-based. Commission is uncapped. We want you to earn as much as possible and we'll do everything to help you achieve this.

  • £10 per free sign-up
  • £35 per paid sign-up
  • £200 bonus for every 10th paid sign-up (in a month)
  • Uncapped commission

If this sounds up your street, click Apply... we can't wait to meet you...
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