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Front of House Server

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Front of House Server at Pizza Pilgrims: Brighton

We're looking for a Front of House Server to join our team. It's a weekend job - between 10 and 20 hours per week. Staying in Brighton for the whole of summer.

Pizza Pilgrims started off on a market stall in Berwick Street, London, where our founders Thom & James were seeking a happier work life. 10 years on we still believe you should love what you do.

Front of House Server responsibilities

Join a team that’s passionate about making sure the pizzeria vibes are always great - creating happy moments that our customers will remember, along with serving great pizza obviously!

We believe that Pizza equals Happiness, and that you have a role to play in that!

Front of House Server requirements

No experience? no problem - it's all about the can-do attitude in Pizza Pilgrims.

Our Dedicated Training Academy will provide you with initial training that sets you up for success through learning & developing skills life skills that will stay with you forever & support your career.

Front of House Server benefits

On top of a great wage here at Pizza Pilgrims you

  • Get tronc for every hour you work
  • Have a lot of fun while working
  • Have endless Pizza!

So, click Apply and send us your CV, or apply with a video...

Can't wait to meet you!