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Across Rainbows is on a mission to help LGBTQ+ people find and claim their sense of self


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Content Creators (Volunteer) at Across Rainbows: Brighton

Nobody should have to feel unsafe in public because of their gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or skin colour. And yet many do, every day—even in our wonderfully diverse Brighton and Hove.

Back Off. Back Up. is a campaign to let people know that they can seek help from shop, cafe, bar and restaurant staff if they ever feel threatened. Even if it’s just a gut feeling.

Our Mission

We're working to create safer streets and venues where there is less crime and fewer people being assaulted and targeted who are going out or just going about their day-to-day lives.

If anyone is feeling unsafe or is in an uncomfortable situation, we want to make a network that they can easily reach out to, approaching staff that are trained to deal with the situation and offer assistance.

We are looking for volunteer Content Creators to help our campaign...

Are you looking to get into content creation?

Do you have an understanding of LGBTQ+ community and/or Allyship?

Would you be interested in volunteering to create blogs, videos, and media content?

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